“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” –Pablo Picasso

Mission Statement

Midcoast Maine Art Education Resource Guide is a site for art educators and parents. Established to share information about visual and performing arts ideas, opportunities and resources, it offers examples of lessons, views into artists studios and places of interest to nurture young artists. The site presents ideas and inspiration to enrich the teaching and learning experience. 


I am a visual artist and art educator with more than twenty years of experience in public and private educational settings. My goal is to support awareness of visual and performing arts programming in midcoast Maine and beyond. –website administrator, Ann McClellan


Lessons developed and presented are inspired by aspects of regional history, culture and the natural landscape of Maine. Educators may develop other lessons that encourage various ways of interpreting subjects and support children’s creative expression. 


Interviews with artists offer:

-learning about artist motivation

-career connections

-awareness of regional artists

-connections to artists and their concepts/reactions to current/historical culture

-enrich classroom experience with video links to artists and studios

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