Creating a Farm Song  


This lesson is a collaborative effort of classroom teacher, students and a local musician. The outcome is students will learn about music making process as they compose a song together. It is an opportunity for career connections as students work directly with the musician. They learn music is metaphor representing sensory experiences. Children realize their sensory experiences, for example what they see, hear and smell can be represented in music.

Session 1 includes reflection and note taking about the characters in the Charlotte’s Web Story. There will be discussion about qualities these animals have and sound making exercises. The musician will talk about rhythm of animal sounds, as well as sounds in the barnyard depending on the time of day. This raise children’s awareness to understand the significance of noticing surroundings. Sound making practice considering different times or events of the day.

Discussion and decision making about what event(s) will inspire song.

Teacher will record these (on iPad) as “sound bites” to refer to for final composition.

Session 2 will concentrate on lyrics building. Students will be designated into groups, i.e., farmer, sheep, chickens, etc. and designated recorders will write down word suggestions and lines…For example, if theme is “Getting ready for the fair” Then each group would make suggestions about what they would be thinking or expressing…The geese: ”Gotta, gotta, gotta get ready ready, ready”.

Discussion of sounds associated with certain animals or farmer are noted as material for song building.

The musician review these lines with the group and develops music to accompany. This is an active session where children are very expressive and there is a lot of discussion and listening on both the students and the musicians part.

Teacher is recording more sound bites as reference material for end composition.

Session 3 This is when musical pieces are put together. The sequence of the song is assembled based on the story, i.e. “Getting ready for the fair”. Independent groups can now also work on whole group lyrics and sound making. Discussion and development of melody to accompany the chorus. This whole group chorus can be practiced for 30 minutes to prepare for the final session.

Teacher records music making sessions as reference and shares chorus section as a link for children to practice during the week.

Session 4 is the final day for composition practice. Musician will have students assemble in groups and review the chorus together. Warm up sound making and singing before practicing the chorus. All refer to a sound/lyric sequence recorded on board (white/chalk) as reference. This is the culmination of melody making and lyrics

This composition can be presented at an all school assembly or to other grade classrooms.

Materials: paper bags, yogurt containers, plastic bags, iPad for recording

Midcoast Maine musicians who offer children’s workshop programming:

Douglas Day,

David Dodson,

Sharon Pyne,

Core Standards:

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.5.1.A Use concrete words and phrases and sensory details to convey experiences and events precisely.

NAS AS#1 Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work

NAS AS#2 Organize artistic ideas and work

NAS AS#3 Refine and complete artistic work

NAS AS#5 Develop and refine artistic work for presentation

NAS AS#6 Convey meaning through presentation of artistic work

Time: (4) 45 minute classes

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